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Playing Rubik on pc puzzle game linux

Rubik's puzzle game 3x3 was composed of a standard Rubik's Cube, where the player could play and solve the puzzle using the PC's mouse, and even a paint and solve feature where they could paint the sides of the cube and then click on the solve feature, the computer would find the quickest solution to that arrangement of the puzzle.

This could help the player solve a standard cube that they had at home without having to peel off the stickers or without taking their Cube apart so they can have a solved cube to play with. The Classics section also has the 2x2, 2x3, 4x4 5x5 versions of the puzzle.

play Rubik's cube on your PC in 3D environment.

to install in your linux ubuntu, open your teminal and type :
~$ sudo apt-get install kubrick
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