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Best internet cafe billing software on ubuntu linux

In my opinion, currently the best billing software for internet cafe is Billing Aura.

What is Billing Aura?

Billing for Internet cafes are in dedicated to the Linux operating system. Billing is not open source but freeware or free, in allow for the use by non-commercial purposes or commercial. No support for other operating systems because both the Server or Client can only be used under the Linux operating system. Testing has been done dozens of times on the Ubuntu distro and run well. The possibility also can be run in similar distributions (Debian family).
Billing Aura for linux Debian / Ubuntu

Why only Linux?

Because Linux is a reliable operating system, freely used and modified freely, and of course free to pay, and if you ask me personally, I do not want to have only one operating system that tends to dominate the market, especially low-and middle-end, well in the presence of aura Billing This is expected to trigger the emergence of cafe-cafe which uses the Linux operating system (pure linux without any other operating system) and hopefully more and more also among children, adolescents, adults and parents know and operate a Linux operating system.

You can download this billing at here

And this explanation includes the use of starting the installation, setting up operating rates.
Tutorial in PDF format Please download:
Installation Server: here
Client Installation: here
Setting Billing Server: here

Update :
password problem has been solved by installing the older version.

First, install the old version can be downloaded here.
click on the menu SERVER
user = admin
password = aura999
then replace it with a new password.

solved for me.

or contact the developers at www.billingaura.com
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  1. Mən, thanks çalışacağıq.

  2. already using aura billing, but on server terminal cannot do anything, its need password. Already put the given password but nothing respond, looks like it already lock. Useless password.

  3. is there an english version and can the currency sign be changed?

  4. is there an english version!!!!!!yes or no!!!!

  5. I would like to get an English version for smooth running of my services. How soon will you.

  6. realy useless password

  7. thanks for update.
    Your tricks have resolve my problem.
    I'll buy the paid version later after the client pc has grown.

  8. does it support n computing

  9. This sofwere not support with operating system Windows 7. so, What Billing softwere is support with windows 7 ?

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  12. Nice i am using in Linux Mint, although i had language barrier in installing and setting up.

    From Kenya.

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  14. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)

  15. Alhamdulillah, password problem sudah teratasi. Terima kasih.

  16. Thanks for sharing your software! But isn't it practical that it may be used for Windows PC users which is the most widely used nowadays? I also know of a great software which has a WISP billing system feature.

  17. how to remove it?i accidentally put the server in the wrong pc im using ubuntu 12.04

  18. Masih dikembangkan gag ni gan/ ?

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  20. Billing any client or customer without a proper track of what is their usage of your resources or service is quite a tough task. More or less you will have to keep a track of it for your future reference as well.

    Billing on Linux platform is no doubt a better option as Linux is much more secured and apparently the transparency can also be maintained at a higher note. But a toot or software meant for client billing or customer billing should have the compatibility to work on any platform I believe. Worst case scenario may be in requirement of. Just a thought.

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