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Disk At Once Recording of Audio and Data CD-R/CD-RW

Recording in disk-at-once mode writes the complete disc, i.e. lead-in, one or more tracks and lead-out, in a single step.

The commonly used track-at-once (TAO) mode writes each track independently which requires link blocks between two tracks. Older CD-recorder models forced a two second pause (pre-gap) between two tracks whereas newer models allow adjusting of the pause length in TAO mode reducing the number of link blocks to a minimal amount. However, with TAO it is generally not possible to define the data that is written in pre-gaps. But exactly this feature makes audio CD recording interesting, e.g. by creating hidden bonus tracks or track intros in pre-gaps like it is common habit on commercial CDs.

Finally, DAO recording is the only way to write data to the unused R-W sub-channels for e.g. CD-G or CD-TEXT.
  • Full control over length and contents of pre-gaps (pause areas between tracks). Pre-gaps may be completely omitted, e.g. for dividing live recordings into tracks.
  • Control over sub-channel data like: catalog number, copy, pre-emphasis, 2-/4-channel flags, ISRC code, index marks
  • Support for exact audio, data and mixed mode CD copying.
  • Support for R-W sub-channel writing.
  • Tracks may be composed of different audio files supporting non destructive cut.
  • Accepts WAVE and raw audio files.
  • CD-TEXT reading and writing with drives that support it.
  • CDDB access to automatically create CD-TEXT data.
  • Support for on-the-fly copying.

Platform Support :
FreeBSD, Irix, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Win32, OS/2, Unixware.

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