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SKDownloader like IDM on ubuntu linux

A useful download accelerator like IDM (Internet Download Manager) on ubuntu linux.

SKDownloader is a handy Java based utility that was designed in order to help you speed up all your downloads and manage them in the same time.

Here are some key features of "SKDownloader":

· Downloading the same file in parts simultaneously to maximize speed.
· Pause/Resume Supported.
· Supports redirection.
· HTTP and FTP support.
· Proxy support.
· Scheduling support.
· Internet Explorer and Firefox integration.
· Auto updater for both Linux and Windows
· Graphical and Command line versions available with Graphical version having command line interface inbuilt

you can download here.
1. extract zip file
2. sudo chmod a+x /folder-extract/skdownloader_linux_installer.sh
3. cd /folder-you-extract/
4. sudo sh ./skdownloader_linux_installer.sh

System Requirement :
- Windows (98/2000/xp/vista/windows7)
- Linux

download more faster

Firefox integration can be added by installing the following firefox extension: skdownloader.xpi
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